Saturday, June 30, 2012


We flew to Texas the second week of June. This was Ellery's first flight. She looks pretty excited about it huh? I have to say, she did pretty well, but it was still stressful and I'm glad we don't fly with her often!

  In the summer we visit James' family at their lake hut at Lake Possum Kingdom. This was actually our last trip to the lake hut though, since Mike & Donna just sold it. We're glad Ellery got to go at least once. This was Dave and Marisa's first time to meet Ellery.
Playing with Aunt Marisa when we first arrived
Ellery got lots of Sweetie time

 Wrestling, Dave won this one
Little TEXAN baby

goofy face

Push-up competition. James won this one.

Reading with Sweetie
 Ellery LOVED the swing this swing! We got her one like it as soon as we got home.
 Papa Mike having some last reflective time at the lake
 Mike & Donna are still so smitten with each other
 Ellery got in the lake!

 LOVE these little scrumptious legs!!

 We always eat good with the Terrells
 Getting to know Uncle Dave
 One way to get to know a person is to stick your hand in their mouth!
 We'll miss waking up each morning to see which flags Mike decided to fly that day. (there are state and college flags to choose from)

Good bye lake hut!

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