Saturday, February 25, 2012

Papa and Sweetie

Mike & Donna, now known as "Papa and Sweetie," visited us from Texas the second week in February. They are so excited about their first grandchild. Ellery had a great time with them.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More visitors, bath time and a fussy face...

My sister Katie and her husband Wes came to visit over the weekend. Katie is such a proud Auntie. 

On Monday our friends Ted and Christina Burrows came to visit, with their two girls Sophie and Amelia. Ted and Christina went to seminary with James in Vancouver BC.
It was cute to see the girls together.

Why the stunned look Ellery?!
I think she can't believe how good it feels to have a bath and be clean!  (actually baths haven't been her most favorite thing...but we really hope that will change soon)
One of my favorite pics so far...what a precious face!

Fussy face

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A visit from her Great Grandparents and other adventures from Ellery's second week

Ellery's Great Grandparents came to visit over the weekend, as well as my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Dan.
This is Grandpa Chet, my dad's dad. It also happened to be his 81st birthday! 
Below is Grandma Jan. She has already made several beautiful blankets and a carseat cover for Ellery. She is one of the most talented people I know.
I love seeing my grandparents with Ellery! What a lucky girl!

Shelby, Grandma Jan, Aunt Lynn and I taking a walk around the block with Ellery.

Ellery is going to get so much LOVE from her Uncle Jason and Aunt Shelby who live with us. 

We ventured out to dog beach, for our own sanity and for Sheldon's sake. He is doing pretty well adjusting to less attention from us, but he definitely appreciated getting to go to the beach.
Sheldon isn't allowed in the baby room, so he hangs out in the doorway like this. Kind of a sad puppy face huh?

Pretty cool photos that Peter took

 Peter and Jana came over to meet Ellery and bring us dinner. Peter took these awesome shots of Ellery while she was having some beauty rest.

Jana Thomsen with Ellery

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ellery's first week at home

"Don't mess with my girl"
Saige loves giving Ellery kisses

Ellery has a lot of awake and alert time...we LOVE those eyes

and we LOVE those feet! I can't stop kissing them!

Going to meet the neighbors in the ERGO

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bringing our baby home

We left Sutter on Saturday afternoon. The nurses were really sweet to let us stay until mid afternoon instead of discharging us in the morning. I had some complications post-delivery and was still recovering from those and was just super weak and exhausted. 
 It was just as exciting and scary as everyone says it is to actually put our little baby in a carseat and walk out of the hospital knowing that it is now up to the 2 of us to take care of her! 
We decided to swing by West Cliff on our way home so Ellery could experience the ocean (she slept the whole time of course!).

Shelby met us down there and we walked as far as my weary self could handle.

At Sutter

Cousin Saige meeting Ellery for the first time

Our midwife Leora who delivered Ellery

My brother Evan and I with our brand new baby girls

Grandpa Ken with his first two grandchildren

Cousins April and Ellery, exactly two weeks apart

My sister in law Heather, with her daughter April

Auntie Katie! My sister is so excited to be an aunt!

Proud Grandpa

Monica and I with Ellery

Someone already loves Daddy's arms

Jeremy and Ellery

Auntie Shelby came and held Ellery while I took a nap one day when my sleep deprivation was at it's worst

Proud Auntie Carrie giving Ellery some love

First nap with Daddy, this picture makes my heart melt!