Thursday, February 2, 2012

At Sutter

Cousin Saige meeting Ellery for the first time

Our midwife Leora who delivered Ellery

My brother Evan and I with our brand new baby girls

Grandpa Ken with his first two grandchildren

Cousins April and Ellery, exactly two weeks apart

My sister in law Heather, with her daughter April

Auntie Katie! My sister is so excited to be an aunt!

Proud Grandpa

Monica and I with Ellery

Someone already loves Daddy's arms

Jeremy and Ellery

Auntie Shelby came and held Ellery while I took a nap one day when my sleep deprivation was at it's worst

Proud Auntie Carrie giving Ellery some love

First nap with Daddy, this picture makes my heart melt!

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