Friday, July 13, 2012

Camping at Hume Lake

 Last week we camped near Hume Lake with the Smith family, Brad, Karen, Hayden, Elliot and Ezra.
 This was Ellery's first camping trip. She did great! Here she is sitting in her new bumbo, practicing her whistle (not really, just likes to have those fingers in her mouth)

 We hiked to the top of Morro Rock one morning. We love our Kelty backpack. I got a pretty good workout climbing all those stairs with Ellie on my back.

 Konked out
 Crescent Meadow

 Playing in the tent. What a ham huh?!
 Hanging out at camp

 Hayden and Elliot insisted on helping me with the dishes

 This is the baby bear we saw one morning across from Sandy Cove beach.
 We love the 3 mile walk around the lake

 Just lounging
 Of course, the best part about camping at Hume is going to get ice cream at the Christian Camp.

 Crying while he eats ICE CREAM?! Poor Elliot was tired.

 "I love my daddy!"
 Ezra is 10 months old and Ellery is almost 6 months.

 Ellery got in the lake a couple times.

 She is working really hard to roll over. She gets so close, but it would be another week before she rolled for the first time.

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