Thursday, March 15, 2012

James's birthday

James turned 34 this month!
For his birthday I gave him a daughter!
And some new climbing shoes...but those pale in comparison.
We are LOVING being parents. It is the coolest thing.

We had a BBQ to celebrate the birthdays of James, Jason (now known as Uncle J), and Brad.
You might be thinking, "isn't it soon to be throwing big parties?" Or you might be thinking "it doesn't look like that many people showed up." 
Oh no, it isn't, and they did!
We had about 20 adults and 9 kids. You can't stop us, we love to throw our parties!

Grandpa Chet was still in town from driving Grandma Jan down. He quickly made friends with our friends' 2 year olds, Marc (shown here) and Sophie. It was so cute. For a second it made me anxious to see Ellery be two and play with Grandpa too, but then quickly I remembered how I don't want her to get ANY older EVER!!! 
(this is a joke between James and I- I am in fact OK with Ellery aging appropriately)

French fries in the deep-fryer!
Regular AND sweet potato!

So we had a bit of a disaster on the grill. Apparently it was hilarious!
(not so much to James)

In the middle are our NEWLY ENGAGED friends, Jon and Joanna! We are excited to host their rehearsal dinner at our house in June and to go to their wedding!
Also still laughing at the burnt burgers are Cassie, Carrie and Jessica. Andrew in the distant background.

My handsome Grandpa!

Marc just wanted to give Hayden a hug, but she wasn't having it!

Dear friend Maleah and her son Marc. She has another little one on the way! A little girl for Ellery to play with!

Karen (birthday boy Brad's wife) with Ellery. She has three kiddos of her own, Hayden, Elliot and little Ezra. They are cuties!

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