Monday, March 5, 2012

Behind the name

I've been meaning to share where the name Ellery comes from. James and I choose it because it is the name of a beautiful lake in the Sierras. Ellery Lake is in upper Lee Vining Canyon off of Hwy 120, outside of Yosemite. We love spending time in the Sierra's, and plan to take our kids there often, so we thought it fitting to name our little girl after a place that had so much meaning to us. 

We haven't run into the name Ellery in too many other places. In the 30's there was a popular series of novels about an amateur detective named Ellery Queen (a man). There is also a fun folksie band named Ellery that you can find on Facebook (but no one in the band is named Ellery). I've also just recently talked to two different people who know of an Ellery. So, she's not the only one, but we're not expecting her to run into too many other little Ellerys along the way!
As for Jade, we really like colored stones, and specifically the color green, and it seemed to flow well with Ellery...

So that is how our daughter came to be named Ellery Jade 

more to come from this photoshoot by Peter Thomsen...

loved how precious she looked sleeping this morning...always sleeping with that mouth open

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