Thursday, May 3, 2012

Catch Up: MARCH

Getting some bedtime love from Auntie Shelby

James finished putting shelves in Ellery's closet. He also installed a light so we can actually see what's in there.
Yes, those are little TOM's shoes. Can't wait til those fit!

Ellery can't get enough of her daddy

Auntie Shelby is fun!

This is how Ellery would sleep if we don't wrap her up.

Tough girl with bandaids on her thighs after her shots.

Cousin Saige is so fascinated with Ellery.

I can't stop smiling!!!

Saige and Ellery

Ellery and I went to a tea party baby shower for a co-worker, here she's being held by Ali

With Jen, who I work with in the ICU

We pushed the jogger up to the look out bench at Henry Cowell, no small feat!

Sleeping in daddy's arms at Saige's birthday party. All the excitement wore her out.

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