Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your whole life is going to change...

On May 21st this year, James and I found out that there was a little bambino growing inside of me. This was the best news ever! It was so fun telling our parents, who don't have any grandchildren yet! So now we're 30 weeks into our pregnancy, trying to plan and prepare for little baby Terrell, but not really knowing what to expect. The thing we hear most often (especially from strangers) is "your whole life is going to change." That's about all we know for sure.

I'm starting this blog mainly as a place to post photos of our little one and our journey as parents for some of our family and friends who are not as FACEBOOK savy, so we will not be offended if all of you don't follow it regularly, or ever. It will most likely just be millions and millions of photos of our baby, because it is inevitable that parents think their baby is the cutest thing to ever grace the planet. And since grandparents usually agree, we know we will have at least 3 avid followers. We'll probably occasionally post about home improvement projects or other things going on in our lives. For anyone who hasn't been to our home, the blog is titled "Life by the River" because our property sits right next to the San Lorenzo River in Felton. We feel pretty blessed to be starting our little family here.

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